Our Judges

Gemmell Photo

Mrs Sandi Gemmell - Licenced: 1, 2, 3

ACF International All Breeds
i have been involved with pedigree cats and the cat fancy since 1973. Since qualifying as all shorthair judge in 1980 and all breeds judge in 1990 have judged in all Australian states. i have been breeding Russian Blues under the "Taiendi" prefix. I am on the committee of the Cat Association of the NT and currently hold the positions of Registrar & Policy and Proceedures Manager, I am also a member of the CANT Judges Tutuor Panel and secretary of the ACF Judges Guild.


Lowe Photo

Mrs Haidee Lowe - Licenced: 1, 2, 3

Judge Emeritus – inactive


Schuller Photo

Julian R Schuller - Licenced: 1, 2, 3

I joined the cat fancy in 1964 in Western Australia using the prefix ’’Blaumeise’’, I have bred Siamese/Oriental, Burmese & Cornish Rex. I was a pioneered of the Havana in Australia. My cats have won many awards including an ACF National Show Shorthair BIS in 1979.

I was granted my first judging license in 1972 under CANT(Inc.) and have achieved the status of Tutor judge as well as being an international and FIFe judge. I have judged extensively in Australasia and Europe. I moved to England in 2006 and live there until 2010. In that period I undertook many judges assignments in Europe and Russia and attended many shows and seminars. I have continued to judge in Australia, South Africa, Europe and England since returning to Australia in 2010.

Cat Fancy interests include cat genetics and health and welfare issues. I was a resident of Queensland until 2014, and listed on the QFA panel. In February 2014 I returned to the Northern Territory and rejoined the CANT (Inc.) Judges Panel. I keep abreast of new ideas in the Cat Fancy by editing the CANT (Inc.) magazine, ’’Mews of the Northern Territory’’. I am currently the CANT (Inc.) Secretary.

P.O. BOX 42468 Casuarina